What is a Chartered Secretary?

The role of the Chartered Secretary is unique and ICSA is the only professional graduate training scheme which covers such diverse areas as corporate governance, law, finance, administration, company secretaryship and management. Our members can be found in most industries, many at board level. In Jersey the majority of our members work in the Finance Industry, the main employer in the Island. We also have members working in the retail, tourism and public sectors.

ICSA has over 36,000 members in the UK and Jersey is home to about 300 members and 500 students. In the local context the qualification is recognised by the Jersey Financial Services Commission and all the major employers. In a management context the qualification is widely regarded as a sound basis for senior management positions, as the syllabus covers such a diverse spectrum of management roles.

The values that the ICSA represents, namely high standards of corporate governance, organisation and professionalism are an intrinsic part of any company's success. Our motivation in supporting our members and students is to disseminate those values to a wider audience, particularly to the business men and women of the future. Chartered Secretaries are taking on an ever more important role as corporate governance issues come to the fore. This is an exciting career and we invite you to join us.

  Local Training Providers in Jersey: